A life full of Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.
Learn how to live effortlessly, to achieve what you truly want from your heart's desires and deepest aspirations.

Leon Aarts 
The Perspective Guy

 Entrepreneur, Humanist, Dad,
Alchemist  and Optimist
 Thank you for downloading my eBook: The 7 ingredients to live in love.

I am so grateful to be on this journey with you.This book will help you to start your transformation to a more beautiful peaceful loving and aligned life. You will achieve that through following a few simple practises every day. Living in Love is not hard. It is beautiful, effortless and fun.

My Personal Journey to Living in Love!
My personal story when I really started to understand what to live in Love means, started a few years ago when from one day to the next when through a very difficult situation my life and work situation changed overnight. The ground was taken from under my feet, it was shocking and unexpected.

I had to stop doing the work I was doing, I lost people who were close to me in my life, simply because someone turned on us unexpectedly. The period afterwards became very difficult financially and emotionally. Everything seemed to have gone One day I found myself walking through London, living in a bedsit with £30 to spend for a whole month on food. I realised I had to make changes.

I knew the situation occurred for me to learn from and grow.
It dawned on me that by just changing my perspective I could turn things around. I still had everything I needed to build a beautiful life for myself. My friends and children loved me, surely I couldn’t let all that be ruined by one person, by an outer reality? I started looking at all the positive things in my life, experiencing the beauty of a single flower or a smile, the sun rising. When life slows you down that much you have the time and ability to discover what’s really important. I realised that everything which is important in life was still there. Gratitude, love, compassion, people, nature. Happiness doesn’t come from your circumstances. The right circumstances are created from happiness. Love is exactly the same.

Now you don’t have to go so deep but we can all tune into the abundance and love which is all around to live in prosperity and happiness.

“A return to love, that’s the purpose of our life.”
    We all want a life full of love, wealth and happiness, most of us have the feeling that we can’t fully achieve it. Living in love, full of prosperity and happiness holds deep understanding. Leon can teach you the right ingredients to live in love fully.

    Living a life in love is not about finding that one special person in your life. Living a life in ‘Love’ is about fully understanding and accepting who you are and why you are here. Living in love is about the reason why you are here and enjoying the interconnectedness which we all have with everything around us. Love is the basic energy on which everything in the whole universe is built. This energy is always present, in abundance, growing and evolving with the universe and with us as individuals. It is seen and felt by us constantly.
    We often forget who we truly are and why we are here. We have been made to believe that we are all separate and that we have to do everything on our own. We forget about our oneness. Yet when we step back and fully trust that everything we need is already there for us, then life will truly change and turn around.
    You will feel that you are ‘in love’ all the time. You will feel a world where the sun always shines, where you have lots of energy, where everything looks brighter and problems don’t seem to exist. The whole world around you feels lighter and brighter. Everything just seems to happen. You will feel and experience that you live in a world of abundance.
Deep knowledge and wisdom from the author of:
  •  Inside Out, How to Live with your Heart Full Open!
  •  Feeding People
  •  I AM,  The Alchemical Journey Within
Founder of:
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